Product Specifications

Bend Test No Damage, cracking or detachment

AS 1580

NZ. 402.1

Resistance to washing:

after 10,000 scrub cycles

No integrity failure - very slight signs of wear.

Colour change 9 out of 10

General appearance 10 out of 10

AS 1580

No. 459.1

No. 481.1 (M)

No. 481.1 (A)

Effect of house-hold chemicals No discolouration, loss of gloss, blistering or adhesion loss due to 10% HCL and 10% NaOH solutions


No. D1308-87

Surface flammability of bulkhead, ceiling and deck finish materials Tridek Multicolour applied to a 2mm aluminium sheet meets all the requirements for smoke and toxicity, as well as low flame spread as specified by the international convention for the safety of life at sea. 1974 IMO Resolution A.653 (16) and MSC.61 (67). annex 2. section 2.2

Early Fire hazard:

Ignitability (0-20)

Flame Spread (0-10)

Heat Evolved (0-10)

Smoke Developed (0-10)





AS 1530.3 1982
Fungal Resistance Passes the Test ASTM 6271. 1979
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) 125.8 (max. is 250 for multicolour coatings) I.S. NO.2 TO GAZETTE NO. 6/2007 - SCHEDULE 1, Method 24.

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